Dr. Marc Weinberg, Miami's Wellness Consultant


Dr. Weinberg's natural weight loss program has been helping patients lose weight and inches successfully and without using crazy fad or gimmicks. Dr. Weinberg teaches patients to makeover their eating habits as well as their overall lifestyle, thus avoiding chronic illness and inevitably improving the patients overall quality of life. The results are amazing, and no other program is approaching weight loss in such a healthy way. Our program is ideal for anyone who wants to lose serious weight and burn belly fat the right way.


Dr. Weinberg treats all types of injury -- accidents, falls and sports-related injuries -- and targets the cause of pain in the body. We also specialize in improving posture and restoring balance in the body.


Dr. Weinberg supports his patients throughout their entire Wellness journey. With the goal of improving overall health, vitality and quality of life, Dr. Weinberg tailors a natural Wellness Program that addresses each patientís symptoms and health concerns.

Call our office to schedule a no obligation, one-on-one health assessment with Dr. Weinberg and learn how you can start feeling and looking your best.